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Photo taken by my son, John Weaver III, while fly fishing in British Columbia in 2005. The heart shaped
clouds with the pink rays were on the original film as developed. He photo-shopped the "I" and "U" onto the

    When your day gets hectic and you are stressed about family and
    work, play this and remember what it is all about:  (This may take
    a minute to load, so be patient and have the sound on.)
    Life On A Train

    According to an internet website, this power point slide show was made by Dr. Robert W. Schwarzmueller on Nov. 16,
    2005 in Munich Germany.

Nothing is more practical than
Finding God, that is, than
Falling In Love
In a quite absolute, final way.
What you are in love with,
What seizes your imagination,
Will affect everything.

It will decide
What will get you out of bed
in the morning,
What you do with your evenings,
How you spend your weekends,
What you read, who you know,
What breaks your heart,

and what amazes you with j
oy and gratitude.

Fall in love, Stay in love,
And it will decide Everything.

Attributed to Pedro Arrupe, SJ

Fall In Love Today Forever!!!
Article: Blame it on Love!

    Links to web sites of some of my friends:

The mission of the Daughters of St. Paul is to spread the Gospel via the
most modern means of technology. (Thus, the Pauline Bookstores.)  
    See Sr. Anne's NUNBLOG and Sr. Helena's web site.
    They are fabulous women.

InforumBlog by Sheila Liaugminas
Sheila Liaugminas is an Emmy Award winning journalist with extensive
experience in both the secular and religious journalism. Her writing covers a
variety of topics, with her particular interest being matters of the Church, faith,
culture, politics and the media.

Liturgy of the Word by Denise C. Thompson
(Training for Lectors)
"His words are meant to teach, inspire and move us all. They are filled with
meaning, love and passion. This is why those that have the privilege of
proclaiming God's Word should be skillfully trained and coached to bring forth
these emotions and plant the seeds of God's message into the hearts of His
people."  If the lectors at your parish leave you thinking "ho-hum" or "what in
the world did he or she say???," you should contact Denise.

Word on Fire  by Fr. Robert Barron
Check out one of our foremost (and young) Catholic Theologians,for some great
homilies, podcasts and links to his talks on YouTube....
Currently playing on YouTube:
Fr. Barron's Contemporary Comments  (about 4-5 minutes each) on
Apocalypto, The Sopranos, and  The Lord of the Rings (Part I)

The Message Shop
If you want to buy some of Fr. Barron's DVD's at an unbelievable price, either
for yourself or for a group, go to The Message Shop web site.   Now available
Untold Blessings and Conversion (both in English and Spanish) and
Fr. Barron's newest DVD "
Faith Clips."

University of Notre Dame's Virtual Prayer Web Site
Check it out. It is very nice and updated just about daily.

Would you like some
nice music to
contemplate our
Mother while praying.

Here is a short video I like from the Archdiocese
of New York about taking the Eucharist to the
streets. Even though it was prepared for
vocations, it applies to us all: - awesome music
The Angelus
The Catholic Call to
(beautiful music)
I've rearranged this page to add the links to the web sites of
some of my intelligent, talented & faith-filled friends. Then I  
added some of my favorite video clips and "stuff" that I thought
others might enjoy.